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Prior to incorporation Verifimi Incorporated existed as a unit of AAJIMATICS Inc. The core mandate and mission of Verifimi is to be the global leader in MFA-Identity Management, Authentication & Verification utilizing BYOD in emerging markets and LRCs. Verifimi builds on its parent company’s demonstrated capability in Leveraging Informatics to enable Processes, Procedures, Organizations and Entities Function Optimally. Identity Access and Management (IAM) to platforms belonging to companies of varying sizes is becoming an integral part of leveraging informatics.


Identity Management

Hard and Soft tokens are currently in use by a majority of banks in emerging markets including Nigeria as a 2nd Form of Authentication. However Identity Management, Authentication & Verification Issues continue to plague such economies and banking industries. The key disadvantage of soft tokens currently in circulation is the fact that they are susceptible to Man in the Middle attacks and can also be compromised by cloned telephone numbers. This results in fraud and avoidable unpleasant experience for banking customers utilizing eBanking channels. The prevailing scenarios in most markets are:

  1. •Bank Login process has minimal security.
  2. •Bank customers are exposed to account takeovers, ID fraud, account fraud, Man-in-the-Middle/Browser attacks
  3. •Bank Hardware token protocol can be circumvented
  4. •Banks are incurring Incredibly high hardware and service costs for their hardware tokens


Verifimi is an Identity Management, Authentication & Verification Platform (IMAVP) with a companion App used in all economic sectors including financial services and healthcare. Verifimi enables the real-time corroboration of any individuals claimed digital identity with an implied or notional level of trust.

Utilize Verifimi™ to Secure Your:

  1. 1. eBanking Platforms
  2. 2. eHealth Platforms including Health Records & Data
  3. 3. eCommerce Platforms & Market Places
  4. 4. IT Infrastructure including Mainframes, Networks & Servers
  5. 5. Education Institutional Data
  6. 6. Corporate Data/Intellectual Property Online
  7. 7. eGovernment Assets including Data/Files/Records

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